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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Keeping up the net presence

Maintaining a presence on the net has not been easy.

I am on Orkut since June 2007. Till recently I lived with 7 scraps. My son discovered me and scrapped "
hey dad....just seven scraps ...thats pretty poor...". Since then - due to greetings for the new year - I crossed 10 scraps..whew...feels like an achievement.

A sister invited me to join Shelfari. Seemed like a good idea - books are something I like. Since then I have been bombarded with mails about how inactive a member I am. A
Shelfari member, Dr.M, sent across a 'lets be friends' request. Not knowing any Dr.M's, I rejected his/her hand of friendship, only to find out later that he was a one time customer.

I have been around on Blogger since October 2006. Signing up was easy.

But I have decided to make amends. Blog I shall - sounds like a new year resolution.


kapoornish said...

True sir, you have taken a good resolution for the new year. Now lets see how active you can be, so that your son would not be feeling sorry for you not having enough comments and again you won't deny any Dr.M's friendship. Welcome to NET WORLD !!!

Anand said...

Welcome to Blog community, sir...

Nice to see your blog. Plz be active & share your thoughts/experiences.

Keep Blogging....

Deepa said...

Great to see your blog.. once in VR i wrote a long story about myself and then after that i could not write anything..

Thanks sir for reminding me..

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