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Saturday, March 6, 2010

India Leadership Forum 2010

Early in Feb, a colleague and I, sponsored by our company, attended Nasscom’s NILF 2010 at Mumbai. To say the least, it was a wonderful experience. Nasscom has uploaded most of the video recordings of the sessions here. And you can read their blogs, which provide a synopsis of the various sessions, here.

Many industry heavy weights were speakers, but, IMHO, the academicians stole the show at this meet with their very incisive insight into the future. Their presentations were lucid and masterful. I list below some of the sessions I attended. I urge you to go through these presentations.

Building a Learning Organisation by David Garvin, Harvard Business School

Expect (and welcome) the unexpected - a new approach to strategy by Lynda Gratton, London Business School
presentation: start with the video labeled Session VI B1 here.

Lynda Gratton also held a work shop titled Get Set Go…Building Organizations With a Vision.

Standing out in the crowd: what’s your differentiator? by Deepak Jain, Kellogg School of Management
presentation: start with the video labeled Be a Phoenix 1 here.

Is innovation a priority in challenging times? by MS Krishnan, University of Michigan
presentation: start with the video labeled New Age of Innovation 1 here.

The new rules of marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott, Freshspot LLC
presentation: start with the video labeled New Rules of Maketing and PR 3 here.

Some words that we heard across the sessions - innovation, eco-systems, demographics, culture, value systems, cloud - summed up the focus of this meet.