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Friday, October 8, 2010

The privilege and responsibility of software development

From Grady Booch:
".. It is a privilege because -- in spite of some inevitable dark days -- we collectively are given the opportunity to create things that matter: to individuals, to teams, to organizations, to countries, to our civilization. We have the honor of delivering the stuff of pure intellectual effort that can heal, serve, entertain, connect, and liberate, freeing the human spirit to pursue those activities that are purely and uniquely human. At the same time, we have a deep responsibility. Because individuals and organizations depend on the artifacts we create, we have an obligation to deliver systems of quality in a manner that applies scarce human and computing resources intentionally and wisely. This is why we hurt when our projects fail, not only because each failure represents our inability to deliver real value, but also because life is too short to spend precious time on constructing bad software that no one wants, needs, or will ever use. As professionals, we also have a moral responsibility: Do we choose to labor on a system that we know will fail or that may steal from a person their time, their liberty, or their life? These are questions that do not have a technical answer, but rather are ones that must be consciously weighed by our individual belief system as we deploy technology to the world. .." The privilege and responsibility of software development

And from the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice:
".. Computers have a central and growing role in commerce, industry, government, medicine, education, entertainment and society at large. Software engineers are those who contribute by direct participation or by teaching, to the analysis, specification, design, development, certification, maintenance and testing of software systems. Because of their roles in developing software systems, software engineers have significant opportunities to do good or cause harm, to enable others to do good or cause harm, or to influence others to do good or cause harm. To ensure, as much as possible, that their efforts will be used for good, software engineers must commit themselves to making software engineering a beneficial and respected profession. .."

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